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Mold Remediation Services

  • Water damage restoration services

  • Fire damage restoration

  • Mold inspection

  • Water Restoration / Hepa vacuums.

  • Avoid Secondary damage

Pipe Burst in Greenacres

  • Prompt response for South Florida residents

  • Experienced technicians, We can find the water source.

  • Standing water damage restoration services

  • Plumbing leaks? We preform remediation in South Florida.

Mold Inspection

  • Think you have a mold issue? Mold inspection is a call away!

  • Leaky pipes?

  • Mold problem? We will clarify the health risks. Call now.

  • Flood damage to home or business.

  • We help in preventing cross contamination.

Mold remediation Process

  • Greenacres mold removal company

  • Mold Damage repair.

  • Fire damage restoration services

  • Call for a no obligation consultation!

  • Specialized equipment to find hidden mold.

Removing mold successfully isn’t just a matter of locating the entire infestation either. The removal process can disturb the spores, knocking them into the air and requiring protective equipment to avoid breathing them in or spreading them to other parts of the property. 

Master Contractors handles all these challenges posed by mold – identification, protection, and removal – with state of the art technology and equipment. We have invested and trained in the latest methods for mold remediation so that we can guarantee mold removal.

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Mold infestations of any size can be difficult to remove on your own. This is because the mold that exists on the surface is often only a portion of all the mold on the property. The rest of mold may grow behind walls or ceilings or below your home in a crawl space. Wiping away the mold you can see leaves behind the invisible spores that will simply grow back.

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24/7 Local Response


Mold Remediation – Protect Your Family and Property against Dangerous Mold Growth

In today’s world, mold remediation companies have become more important than ever. It may seem an unnecessary expense to hire mold remediation professionals, but mold growth has increased in your house over the years. 

Our mold remediation West Palm Beach specialists will use equipment like air scrubbers, water extraction units, along with specially tools we have designed to disinfect and kill the mold. Mold testing should be done prior to work and after work is completed. It’s important to act quickly before the damage becomes serious.

Mold growth is dangerous for you and your family and should be removed as soon as possible. You don’t want the mold growth to spread to other parts of your home or business. Mold testing and removal should be done correctly the first time. If you try to remove mold yourself, and it becomes a bigger problem than you anticipated, you will be putting your family in danger and, more importantly, causing damage to your property. It’s illegal to try to remove mold by yourself without proper training.

  • Our Restoration Professionals will help you fix flood damage, fire damage, mold inspection, mold damage repair, mold removal while reducing further damage.

  • Natural disasters happen… Master Contractors is ready for your call for a mold inspection, based in FL Greenacres area. 

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