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If you need more space in your house, consider an addition rather than searching for a larger home. For many homeowners, it is a smart investment that increases livable square footage while boosting a home's value. Even if you intend to sell your home shortly, you'll likely recoup around 60 percent of your renovation costs, according to Remodeling's 2020 Cost Vs. Value Report.

Additions can be grand, such as building on second additions or two-story spaces, but they don't need to be. From bump-outs to micro-additions, there are plenty of smaller ways that will greatly impact your home's comfort while optimizing your floor plan. For example, enhance an addition with small tricks like installing a glass wall to take an otherwise boxy annex from dark and closed to bright and airy.

At Master Contractors we can guide you through your new home construction, or assist in building out your dream addition!

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Remodeling &

Renovation updates the look and feel of a room—or an entire structure—without changing its intended purpose.

In a renovation, a kitchen remains a kitchen and a bedroom remains a bedroom, but repairs and updates are made. This generally includes such things as painting, installing new flooring, and switching out items like cabinet knobs and faucets. Renovation also includes structural rebuilding. For example, if rotted wood members are discovered, they will be removed and the area (wall, subfloor, or roof) will be rebuilt using new lumber.

If you have the details of your home remodeling or renovation click the link to the left, or give us a call today so that we can work together in masterfully bringing your home improvements to life.

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